High above Innsbruck

I want to tell you about a great place in Innsbruck, where I have already spent several times whenever I felt like enjoying my free-time and being active in the fabulous and stunning landscape around Innsbruck, namely the via ferrata at the Nordkette. You can easily reach it within 45 minutes using the Hungerburgbahn and Nordkettenbahn starting from the city centre (Congress) and enjoy a marvellous view over Innsbruck and its surrounding mountain region.

After changing transportation twice until you reach the top station of the gondola a small sign close to the hiking path leads you the starting point of the via ferrata. As it takes you at least four to five hours to finish it, good physical fitness, hardiness as well as a head for heights are absolutely necessary. Furthermore, the right equipment, such as a helmet, harness and a via ferrata set are absolutely essential, as these tools are helpful and ensure your safety.

The first part already requires a small amount of courage, when climbing thirty meters on a rock face along the safety steel cable in almost a direct line. After this first challenge the requirements become less difficult and you can always find a place to stop whenever you want to have a rest or enjoy the beautiful landscape.

The beautiful Karwendel mountains in the north and Innsbruck in the south.

The via ferrata follows the mountain ridge and crosses more than five summits of the Nordkette.

After quite a long and exhausting battle you will reach the Langer Sattel where you often will be welcomed by curious goats or sheep. At this stage you can either decide to do the last and even more difficult and exciting part of the via ferrata or to head downwards and make a stop at the perfectly located and cosy Höttinger Alm, where you can easily forget and recover from the challenges of the last few hours while enjoying a cold beer and a traditional Austrian dish.


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