Summer, Sun and Barbecue in Innsbruck

What do we Austrians (and also other people) love to do, when, after a long and cold winter, the temperature finally starts to rise? Barbecue, of course! Marinated meat, delicious sausages, juicy vegetables or even crispy prawns and chocolate bananas can be grilled while sitting together with your friends. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

There is just one problem: Where can we have our barbecue in Innsbruck without getting in trouble with our neighbors or the police?

Many people take their one-way barbecue to the Inn riverbanks (if the water line is low) or to the lawn next to it. However, this is not quite legal. I would recommend going to a barbecue area. You can find them on this webpage.

My friends and I love to go to the “Sauerweinwiese”. This area is located outside Innsbruck, but you can easily reach it by bus (O and LK) or on your bike. There are five barbecue places (surrounded by stones), but you can also bring your own barbecue.

Next to the barbecue area is a big lawn and a playground. So you can also sunbathe, play soccer, read a good book or have fun with your kids.

If you don’t want to grill only sausages and meat, I have two very easy, but delicious, desserts for you.

Fruit mix: Take a piece of aluminum foil and put some pieces of fruits in it (apples, nectarines, strawberries …). Fold the foil and put it on your barbecue. There shouldn’t be any holes in the foil because otherwise the juice may seep out. Before you serve it, you can add some ice cream (But don’t forget to bring a cooling box).

Chocolate bananas: You can cut the banana into halves or use the whole one. All you have to do is fill (or cover) it with chocolate and wait until the skin starts to separate from the pulp. A very cheap, but tasty dessert!


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