Hey Innsbruck, what’s up?

Innsbruck is definitely a city for students. The reason for it is simple: The city located in the middle of the Alps provides a wide range of university courses but what’s more important: Innsbruck also has a fantastic night life and cultural scene.

The list of parties, activities, and events provided during weekdays seems to be endless. A student in Innsbruck should never be tired because there is always something going on in the city that never sleeps.

Culture freaks should definitely go to the “Poetry Slam” which is held once per month in the so-called Kulturbäckerei. The poetry slam itself is unique and also the location where it is set is very special. Slammers of any age and origin can go on the stage of the old bakery and perform their lyrics in front of an audience mostly consisting of students. The whole building is a little run-down, however that is what makes it so special.

The audience sits on beer boxes instead of chairs, the toilet paper of the lavatory is hung on forks and a reconstructed shopping cart that right now serves as a place to sit embellishes the hallway of the building. Being part of this atmosphere is just amazing. The poems performed on stage are often really funny, sometimes also sad though. After each participant has read its poem, the audience is supposed to clap their hands. Via this the winner is selected. The poet mostly adored by the crowd gets a winner-champagne and a bag full of random stuff that people from the audience had donated during the show.

Another place not to miss in Innsbruck is The Galway Pub near the SOWI building. On Thursday nights music freaks and spontaneous singers can rock the stage there. Guitars, microphones and a sound system is provided on stage. One just has to take the opportunity and perform. The so-called “open-microphone” is set in the cellar of the pub and is always very well-attended. It is definitely worth going there, since not only the music but also the atmosphere there is always something special.

Written by InnDiana
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  1. Calling Innsbruck "the city that never sleeps" (New York) reminds me of the "Weltstadt Innsbruck"  campaign fail about ten years ago. Makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

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