Breakfast Club? Breakslow Club!

Cupcakes, waffles, pancakes, homemade spreads, omelettes…

What comes to your mind when you hear Breakfast Club? The cult movie from the 80s where school kids have detention? Or a normal café where one can have breakfast? If you think of a café (and you probably do after reading the subheading) you are right. However, calling it a “normal” café would not do justice to the Breakfast Club.

Or do you know many cafés in Innsbruck where you can get eleven different complete breakfasts (which unfortunately do not contain any coffee, but a jar of elderflower juice), amongst them also a “very British” breakfast, a breakfast called “Get in Shape to Climb a Mountain” or a “Romance for 2” breakfast?

If you want to find out what these breakfasts contain, have a look at the homepage! Reading through the menu for the first time I was completely unable to cope with it: “cinnamon-sugar-waffles served with whipped cream and cranberries topped with apple-nut sauce or quark-apricot-sliced-almond sauce”, homemade spreads like spinach-almond, eight different kinds of omelettes. Who can make up one’s mind with such a choice? Who does not want to order everything and eat it all at the same time?

Located in the middle of Innsbruck’s most famous street, the Maria-Theresa Street, the Breakfast Club unfortunately does not look very special from the outside. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find a free table before midday (and probably also afterwards) in this rather small café as it is always full of people – here you can see the impact of word-of-mouth advertising. The menu is also available in English, which makes it obvious that an international audience should be addressed. Another Brownie point is the fact that the menu also contains a sign that indicates vegetarian food.

Furthermore, there are three reasons why the Breakfast Club is a popular meeting place especially for students and the young at heart. Firstly, the prices are moderate (a full English breakfast is available for about 6 €) and secondly it is open until 2:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, offering a rather large choice of cocktails. Thirdly, it already opens at 5 a.m. at the weekend, which makes it possible to stop by for a coffee or a hangover brunch after going out. I haven’t done that so far, but it is definitely on my to-do list.

All in all, it is a place where people, no matter whether they appear suited up or just stop by before university, can sit together, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the incredible friendliness of the waiters, and most important: the more than delicious food.
And after writing this blog entry, I will immediately call at the Breakfast Club and reserve a table for the weekend. Because also students sometimes need a break – a slow break!
For further information see: http://www.breakfast-club.at/

Breakfast Club
Maria-Theresien-Straße 49 
6020 Innsbruck



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  2. Liebe Leute, wir haben den Text zugeschickt bekommen und veröffentlichen ihn gerne. Wir freuen uns über Beitraege und ueber alle, die mitschreiben. Statt rumzumotzen, bloggt doch selbst mit: Stadtansichten, politische Statements, poetische Interventionen oder einfach eine Vorstellung eures Lieblingslokals – das digitale Stadtgeflüster steht allen offen, die Innsbruck zum Thema machen.

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