Watch out for those creeps!

I was sitting on my balcony, facing a quiet inner courtyard in Innsbruck, dreaming away on a sunny afternoon, when I noticed this guy on the opposite balcony across the way. He seemed to innocently smoke a cigarette – but are you familiar with the feeling, when you just KNOW that something is terribly wrong?

Even though the courtyard separating us was rather big, I could still feel his eyes on me. He stood there for an eternity, just looking. And that’s exactly where the problem lies… It’s the JUST LOOKING fact, that I had trouble with. I told my friends and some of them really said: “Well, but he’s just looking! For God’s sake, don’t be so prickly!” At first, they convinced me that I was totally overreacting, but a strange feeling remained… I began to pay closer attention to this guy’s apartment and began to realize that he spied on my room mates and I constantly!

Several weeks later we had a party and there were approximately 15 people on our balcony, smoking and enjoying the balmy summer night. That was the night when our creepy neighbour ‚took it to the next level‘ and I think you know what I mean. Everyone was shocked and didn’t believe it at first, but the movements he made were almost impossible to be mistaken.

We didn’t feel comfortable sitting on our balcony any more, we tried to cover as much of our bodies as we could (the most daring garments were short T-shirts, anyway), we thought about installing a privacy shield (not only shielding us from his eyes, but also from the beautiful trees outside), we stopped eating on our balcony etc.

After some time we realized that this bastard had taken control over a good part of our private lives! We were the ones that changed our habits in order not to be seen by him any more. We were totally restricted and no longer felt comfortable in our own apartment!
One day (he was standing on his balcony and staring at us again) we just had enough – it was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

The decision was not easy, but we had no choice – we reported the incidents to the police and we should have really done that earlier. The police totally supported us and took the whole matter seriously – in the end he had to pay a fine (apparently not a small sum of money) and he was never seen on his balcony again when we were sitting on ours.

So all you poor beings experiencing something similar – don’t hide, don’t let yourselves down and don’t let those creeps take control of your lives – speak up and show them who has to hide from whom!
Text: Isabella Miggitsch

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