Innsbruck, Austria: an intercultural oasis

Imagine your day like this: You go to university on Monday morning and get to know a couple of Americans in a history course. At midday you find yourself having lunch at Chili Döner together with them and your Turkish friends.

While having just finished your afternoon coffee, you bump into your Tyrolean study colleagues and they suggest going to the following week’s pub quiz at  The Galway Bay Irish Pub in order to meet and have a chat with your British acquaintances. You think this description seems like Utopia?

Come in and find out!

Once you have taken up your studies in the capital city of the second westernmost state of Austria, it is not unusual that your mono-cultural circle of friends will grow into a big multicultural set of acquaintances. Innsbruck is home to thousands of students and comparable to many other university cities, it does not only host national students and locals, but is rather a place where a number of different cultures and ethnicities mix.

Although this multicultural living-together does not always work out harmoniously in many cities, Innsbruck does a pretty good job in turning itself from a multicultural city into an intercultural one. People of different origin not only share the same city with each other and live side by side. No, here in Innsbruck members of different cultures and backgrounds have taken a step further and have got together, built relationships and shared their customs and lifestyles with each other.

This city offers a lot of intercultural potential which is only waiting to be fully exploited. Especially The University of Innsbruck has functioned as a kind of meeting point for many years now by successfully maintaining its international relations with places like New Orleans.

Furthermore, it has enabled the possibility to meet and interact with people who made their way to Innsbruck from various places around the whole world.

Undoubtedly, Innsbruck provides everything that is needed in order to support this intercultural way of living together; Organisations like the Austro-British society, the university with its international relations and numerous gastronomical places have had a big and positive impact on these growing relationships.

Last but not least, there is only one thing I can recommend in order to convince yourself of the truth which lies behind this depiction: Visit Innsbruck and taste the flavour of this charming intercultural oasis.

Enjoy it!


Foto von www.facebook.com/Innsbruck

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