Free of charge, but not for nothing

Why not enjoy a unique Jennifer Rostock concert on 4th July? What about spending your evening watching Woody Allen’s hit film To Rome with Love on 1st July? If that sounded appealing to you, then think about joining the summer at the Sparkassenplatz (“Sommer am Sparkassenplatz”) between 29th June and 17th August. The city of Innsbruck tries hard to offer its citizens a variety of events throughout the summer months, including numerous open-air concerts and movies, as well as several theatre and dance performances.


This year, an outdoor poetry slam will be part of the programme for the first time. Those who missed out on the current hype about poetry slamming probably need a short explanation of this relatively new and in vogue way of spending one’s leisure time. In this literary competition, original texts are recited in front of a hopefully enthusiastic audience, which then chooses a grateful winner.

Additionally, the poet is supposed to add value to his performance by self-dramatisation and various other enjoyable elements. Quite frequently, the audience, including me, laughs till the tears run down their faces, but also gloomy or rather obscure topics might as well be part of a successful poetry slam.

Furthermore, passionate dancers should not miss the summer at the Sparkassenplatz. From salsa to hip-hop to line dance, do not miss the chance to shake a leg under the open sky. Cineasts also have the opportunity to pursue their hobby, since a variety of different movies, including the comedies Asterix & Obelix: God save Britannia, and To Rome with Love, will be shown at the Sparkassenplatz.

However, do not think of showing up ten minutes before the event starts. Just as German tourists at a crowded swimming pool, people tend to call dibs on quite a number of seats to make sure that all of their friends, who might arrive late as well, do not have to enjoy the show standing.
You may want to listen to my words of advice as a die-hard visitor of the summer at the Sparkassenplatz: Consider bringing a comfortable camping chair, lean back and appreciate living in the marvellous town of Innsbruck.

Further information on the programme of the summer at the Sparkassenplatz:



  1. stimmt, schorsch-schatzi … ist vielleicht ein bisschen zu anspruchsvoll für dich – immerhin hast du richtig erkannt, dass es englisch ist … es gibt also noch hoffnung! 🙂

  2. schreibts es iatz englisch, damits wenigschtens IRGEND a reaktion von die leser gibt?
    weil zuletzt hat auf der plattform die leit weder der wahlkampf no die türkn interessiert. 
    well, bergfrieden!

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