Climbing over the roofs of Innsburck

If you live in Innsbruck, go to school or university there or work there you know what most parts of the city look like. But do you also know what Innsbruck looks like from above?

To find this out and enjoy a superb and picturesque view you don’t have to go on an expensive helicopter flight or anything like that. The best way to do so and at the same time improve your fitness is to go on the Innsbruck fixed rope route.

Starting at Hafelekar, continuing along the ridge of the Nordkette, over to Frau Hitt and back to Seegrube, the Innsbruck fixed rope route is an indispensable experience for every hobby-mountaineer.

It combines the thrills of an alpine climbing tour with the incomparable view of Innsbruck and its surrounding mountains. Divided into two parts this route offers a lot of different challenges, such as for example a rope bridge, free-climbing sections and not forgetting the various mountain peaks one can reach.

As on almost every fixed rope route, also this one requires alpine experience and no fear of heights as a couple of passages are not secured by ropes or steps. Due to these more difficult passages the Innsbruck fixed rope route is classified as a B/C-route, which means that it is slightly difficult and shouldn’t be climbed by children under 10 years.

The time also has to be considered, as this is a rather long route and takes a hobby-mountaineer about seven hours. When climbing this route a climbing belt, a helmet, climbing gloves and of course appropriate shoes are recommended. With this equipment and a good weather forecast you can look forward to an unforgettable day above the roofs of Innsburck.


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