FebPic aus London: Britta Burger stellt aus!

Britta Burger – „Fashion and Photography“

Exhibition continues until 2 April 2015

Austrian Cultural Forum London – www.acflondon.org


acf lon


from the exhibition’s accompanying leaflet:

„Born in Innsbruck, Austria, Britta has lived in London since 2002. She completed her MA of Literature at the University of Innsbruck and a Master of Arts:Fashion – Culture and Communication at the University of the Arts London (LCF). She began her career in fashion in 2003 working as a journalist, producer, art director and stylist before getting behind the camera. She has since worked as a professional photographer shooting for leading magazines, online platforms and ad campaigns.“

on the flyer it says:

„Her fashion stories – all produced with a certain pressure to sell a magazine, product, or lifestyle – are shown alongside her documentary photography about people on the fringes of style, fashion and society. Sometimes the only difference is the context.“



Christina Burger

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